AAVI® 600 air purifier is suitable for office buildings, schools and other public premises

AAVI® 600 is an efficient air purifier for public buildings. It keeps the indoor air clean and healthy and it is easy to maintain.

AAVI® 600 Freestanding air purifier suitable for commercial and public buildings. It is used e.g. in schools, daycare centers, hotels, offices, machine shops and construction sites. AAVI® 600 A solution for metal dust in machine shops, warehouses and premises in the food and beverage industry and in the event of problems with construction dust.

AAVI® 600 Air Purifier can also be connected to purify incoming outdoor air.

AAVI® 600 Air Purifier is filter-free and thus an environmentally friendly choice. Since there is no need for continuous filter changes, it is also easy and affordable to maintain.

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AAVI ® 600

AAVI® 600 removes over 99% of air impurities

Easy to maintain as there are no filters

AAVI® 600 air purifier is having heat exchanger so no need to heat or cool outdoor air

Effortless washing with only water

Technical details

  • Cleaning efficiency

    Over 99 %

  • Size (h x l x w)

    2000 x 630 x 670 mm

  • Weight

    160 kg

  • Power, voltage

    242 W, 220-240 V, 50 Hz

  • Capacity

    600 m3 / h

  • Max. noice level

    42,8 dB (A)

  • Heat exchange efficiency


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Internationally patented AAVI® technology cleans the indoor air of nano-sized particles such as chemicals, air pollutants, viruses (including Corona), bacteria, pollen and mold. AAVI® air purifiers are suitable for various purposes and are used in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, offices, business premises, cinemas, shopping centers and in ordinary homes, etc..


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