AAVI® 2000 IonJet air purifier

AAVI® 2000 air purifier is designed to handle larger amounts of air quantities. Like all our products, it is based on the unique AAVI® technology that rids indoor air of very small, even nano-sized particles, such as pollutants, viruses, bacteria, dust, chemicals, mold and allergens.

AAVI® 2000 is suitable for hospitals, laundries, pharmaceutical warehouses and machine shops. It can also be used in the food and beverage industries, lobbies, waiting rooms, etc.
AAVI® 2000 can handle large quantities of dust. It works without filters that prevent clogging and pressure drops. The device is also easy to maintain as there is no need to change the filter – the collection surface only needs to be cleaned with water.

AAVI® 2000

Removes over 99% of air pollutants

Easy to maintain as there are no filters

Connectable to all standard ducts and HVAC systems

Easy cleaning with water only


  • Purification efficiency over

    Over 99%

  • Recommended area

    400-600 m2, 1000-1500 m3


  • Capacity

    2 500 m3 / h

  • Operating temperature

    -15 ° C – + 45 ° C


  • Wash

    Water, automatic



Internationellt brett patenterad AAVI®-teknik rengör inomhusluften av till exempel kemikalier, luftföroreningar, virus(även corona), bakterier, pollen och mögel i nanostorlekar. AAVI® luftrenare är således lämpliga för olika ändamål och används på sjukhus, skolor, daghem, kontor, affärslokaler, biografer, köpcentrum och i vanliga hem mm.


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