01 OKTOBER 2020

AAVI technology is launched on the Swedish market.

APRIL 29TH, 2020

AAVI Leaf® air purifiers are also suitable for hospital use

AAVI® technology is proven to kill microbes from indoor air, and AAVI® air purifiers are thus an excellent method in the fight against the spread of microbes, viruses and bacteria in hospital environments.

Read more about the spread and elimination of microbes in hospital environments.
Click here to read the full test report.


APRIL 23RD, 2020

AAVI Leaf® Pro was subjected for low leakages test to verify its electrical safety in medical use. Click the link to read the full test report.

SGS Test report


AAVI® A2000 air purifiers clean the air at a Wuhan temporary hospital opened on Feb 14th

AAVI Technologies Ltd. together with Inner Mongolia Dongyuan Technology donated 74 pcs. AAVI® A2000 air purifiers to Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone temporary hospital. The hospital was established to treat corona virus patients and it has 1300 hospital beds on 17600 m2. The AAVI® air purifiers are installed in the ward to disinfect the indoor air by killing the bacteria and viruses in the intake air and then releasing the clean air back to the ward, thus minimizing the risk of aerosol infection and protecting the health of the nursing staff in the best possible way.


JANUARY 30TH, 2020

Virus killing AAVI® air purifiers donated to Wuhan hospitals

Press release 30.1.2020AAVI Technologies Co. Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with China CAMC Engineering Co. Ltd. last week. The cooperation was boosted by the coronavirus; CAMC and AAVI have together donated 100 pcs. virus killing AAVI Leaf® air purifiers to five hospitals in Wuhan area that are treating patients infected by the coronavirus. The first delivery has left the AAVI warehouse in Qidong on January 29, 2020. It has also been agreed that AAVI Leaf® air purifiers will be donated to the new Wuhan hospital that is being constructed to treat patients with the coronavirus.AAVI Technologies Co. Ltd.’s air purifiers are widely used in e.g. school and hospital environments and their purification efficiency is based on the ionization of contaminated particles. Pathogens are killed and seized by the collector surfaces from where they are automatically removed. The internationally widely patented AAVI® technology removes even nano-sized particles, coal dust, virus, bacteria and gases. Tests conducted by an independent research institute have proved that AAVI Leaf® air purifier efficiently removes i.a. coronavirus sized particles (ca. 100 nm) (Report CR-02641, 2018, ”Microbiological efficacy testing of Aavi Leaf purification device”). The purification efficiency is significantly higher than that of e.g. UV light or HEPA filter. The technology ensures continuous high purification efficiency due to absence of clogging and changeable filters, and the devices can be safely serviced and maintained.AAVI Technologies Co. Ltd. is a development and manufacturing company of air purifiers located in Vantaa, Finland. Until 2019 the production was in Finland and the company produced up to 60 AAVI Leaf® air purifiers per day. 95 % of all products are sold to the Chinese market by AAVI Technologies Co. Ltd.’s Chinese parent company, Synergy New Technologies Service Co., Ltd. In order to fulfill the growing demand in China, AAVI Technologies Co., Ltd. established a factory near Shanghai in 2018; AAVI Technologies Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is producing air purifiers for industrial and commercial use in its 120.000 m2 facilities.Majority of the factory workers in China cut short their Chinese New Year celebrations and the factory was opened ahead of time after the holidays; the production of various AAVI® air purifiers is now working at full steam.


Internationally patented AAVI® technology cleans the indoor air of nano-sized particles such as chemicals, air pollutants, viruses (including Corona), bacteria, pollen and mold. AAVI® air purifiers are suitable for various purposes and are used in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, offices, business premises, cinemas, shopping centers and in ordinary homes, etc.


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